Your Measurements

Take measures


Measure under your arms at the fuller part of your bust. Keep tape level across your shoulder blades. Keeping the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape isn’t too tight by taking a full breath in and out, allowing the tape to slide to its most comfortable (yet snug) position. Make sure the tape lays flat, and goes only over your chest and shoulder blades, not over your arms or your cat or anything else. Wrap the tape around the biggest part of your bust, which on most gals is somewhere at or slightly above nipple level. 


​Length of the leg measured from the waist to the heel, taken standing in a perfectly upright position.

Natural Waist

Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose.Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend sideways-where you indent is your natural waist. Feel along your sides for the top of your hipbones, and then wiggle your fingers around the area until you find the natural indentation just above the bones-that’s what is supposed to be your waist. Wrap the tape around your body at the natural waistline. The tape should be flat against your body and parallel to the floor. 


A measure of shoulder amplitude, taken from the front/back, from bone to bone. To help you, try to feel with your fingers the point where there is the protrusion of the bone on the shoulder and take that as a reference point for the measurement. If you are not sure use the measurements detected, from seam to seam, on a garment of yours with a fit similar to the dress of your choice.


Stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips. Again, this can be tough to locate. Feel along your sides for your leg joint, and then LOOK DOWN to see if this is the widest part of you. Wrap a measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your bottom. Be sure the tape is flat against your body and parallel to the floor.


Using a pair of your pants that fit well, measure from crotch seam to bottom of leg. Tip: Remember to take into account the height of heel you’ll most likely be wearing with the new pair, and add about 1/2 inch if you’re going to be buying pants that you’ll machine-wash to accommodate a bit of shrinkage.


Measurement requested is your desire pant length measurement. You can also measure length of your existing best fitted pant. Tip: Remember to take into account the height of the heel you will most likely wear, and add about 1-2 centimeters.

sleeve turn

Arm circumference measured at the height of the bicep.

Shirt Masculine Cut

LENGTH AT CENTRE BACKUp to 66,9from 67 to 68,5from 68,6 to 70,1from 70,2 to 71,7from 71,8 to 73,3from 73,4 to 74,9from 75 to 76,5
SHOULDER WIDTHUp to 38from 38,1 to 40from 40,1 to 42from 42,1 to 43from 43,1 to 44from 44,1 to 45from 45,1 to 46
Up to 59,4from 59,5 to 60,8from 60,9 to 62,2from 62,3 to 63,6from 63,7 to 65from 65,1 to 66,4from 66,5 to 67,8
BUSTUp to 92from 92,1 to 95,6from 95,7 to 99,2from 99,3 to 102,8from 102,9 to 106,4from 106,5 to 110from 110,1 to 113,6
WAISTUp to 78from 78,1 to 82,5from 82,6 to 87from 87,1 to 91,5from 91,6 to 96from 96,1 to 100,5from 100,6 to 105
WIDTH BOTTOM BUTTONEDUp to 50,5from 50,6 to 52,5from 52,6 to 54,5from 54,6 to 56,5from 56,6 to 58,5from 58,6 to 60,5from 60,6 to 62,5
ARMHOLESUp to 30,2from 30,3 to 31,4from 31,5 to 32,6from 32,7 to 33,8from 33,9 to 35from 35,1 to 36,2from 36,3 to 37,4

Short dress

LENGTH AT CENTRE BACKUp to 82,5from 82,6 to 83,5from 83,6 to 84,5from 84,6 to 85,5
SHOULDER WIDTHUp to 39,6from 39,7 to 40,8from 40,9 to 41,9from 42 to 43
BUSTUp to 89from 89,1 to 93from 93,1 to 97from 97,1 to 101
WAISTUp to 90,6from 90,7 to 94,8from 94,9 to 99from 99,1 to 103
WIDTH BOTTOMUp to 109from 109,1 to 113from 113,1 to 117from 117,1 to 121
ARMHOLESUp to 32from 32,1 to 33from 33,1 to 34from 34,1 to 35
NECKLINEUp to 28,8from 28,9 to 29,4from 29,5 to 30from 30,1 to 30,6

Palazzo Trousers

OUTSEAMUp to 103,3from 103,4 to 104,6from 104,7 to 105,9from 106 to 107,2from 107,3 to 108,5
INSEAMUp to 74,8from 74,9 to 75,9from 76 to 77from 77,1 to 78,1from 78,2 to 79,2
CIRCUMF. WAIST FLEXIBLEUp to 56from 56,1 to 60from 60,1 to 64from 64,1 to 68from 68,1 to 72
HIPSUp to 102from 102,1 to 106from 106,1 to 110from 110,1 to 114from 114,1 to 118
CIRCUMF. THIGHUp to 59from 59,1 to 60,3from 60,4 to 61,6from 61,7 to 62,9from 63 to 64,2
TROUSER LEG OPENINGUp to 62,8from 62,9 to 63,8from 63,9 to 64,8from 64,9 to 65,8from 65,9 to 66,8
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