About MONU

MONU is an Italian clothing and accessories brand that combines the beauty of architectural works with our ancient sartorial tradition.

The concept is to reinterpret the great beauty and majesty of the architectural works and revive them in a modern and dynamic way, in collections of new clothes and accessories, combining elegance, sartorial quality and aesthetic research.

Monu was born from the enthusiasm and creativity of Maria Claudia Santaloja who, after a long experience of exclusive collections made for large hotels, decided to launch her own project.

“The harmony of forms and the grandeur of human genius have always enormously fascinated me. The meeting with Patrizia Fusi and her artistic sensibility out of the ordinary, motivated me to undertake this project that has the ambition to make our wonderful architectural works travel the world in an unusual way. I like to think that a little bit of all the timeless splendor of these works is transferred to the woman who wears them and that she in turn knows how to renew it and revive it in a current and personal way.”

The entirely hand-drawn prints almost faithfully reflect the marble and architectural details of the works to which they are inspired; the whole process of creating the garments is crafted and made in Italy

The Monu collections are therefore designed for a contemporary woman, a citizen of the world, who knows how to give her own interpretation of the beauty of art simply by wearing it, according to her style and unique touch.


100% Italian Style

Handraw design

with pencil on a cardboard

Painting art

hand painted and later adapted to digital printing

Made in Italy

from printing to packaging

You can`t add more product in compare